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Lovely kaleidoscope effect and a brilliant tune

Boxes everywhere

Thank God for Music and Inkscape.

*Screenshot of drawing was imported into drawing then placed. Screenshot of drawing with screenshot of drawing in place was placed within screenshot of drawing. Finally, a screenshot of the drawing was taken and this was placed within the screenshot of the screenshot of the drawing that was placed within the drawing. I didn't know what I was doing and just played with it until it worked.


I always thought this was a very powerful piece of film. The fact that the music is also brilliant is almost coincidental. Somehow it came together and took on a life of its own.

Good fun

Subliminal advertising

Even the website is gorgeous 🍀

Thank you.

Some grabs

Mambo Number 6

It has to happen. It's practically going to make itself when the time is right, or wrong, the number of iterations is probably going to make my laptop very confused...


Getting ready for the next one...

First proper run..

A slightly flawed jewel. Still, onwards and upwards.

Ingredients Required
XaoSffmpegmplayer Optional
i3archtp x200 Spotify Anything like compton has to be shut down first and I made sure CPU was nearly idle before recording. Encoding in .mkv checked for quality, then transcoded (or whatever) to .webm which takes a wee while, I think it's only using 1 of my 2 cores, need to check that out.